Provost Engineering & Services

We wish to inform you that the non-competition covenant between PCA Aalst and PES bvba in Erpe has ended as per June 18, 2012.

As a consequence, PES bvba is free again to build water and waste water treatment plants, automation installations etc. in Belgium as from said date.

The numerous water and waste water treatment plants which we have built for our clients before June 2004 are still proving today that our commitment to supply high quality installations for a reasonable price, has been and will remain the right choice. We'd like to confirm and expand our reputation of supplying the best value for your money.

Thus PES bvba would like it to be known that new and existing customers may anew rely on the expertise of many years for their physical-chemical waste water plants, water treatment installations, industrial automation etc.

Our main activities are:

As in the past we're specialized in water treatment for the metal surface treatment sector. Although the same techniques apply in some other industrial sectors. For example: paper and cardboard, chemistry, some foodstuff factories...