Physical-chemical water treatment

Small-scale installation for the preparation of potable water from undrinkable water

Two-stage RO installation

Two-stage RO installation for ultra pure water 1m3/h; 5 microsiemens/cm.

Installation for industrial reuse of rain water

Duplex two-stage ion exchanger

Duplex closed loop ion exchanger 50m3/h; 5 microsiemens/cm.

Pilot scale ion exchanger

Mobile pilot scale ion exchanger with PLC controlled regeneration.


Ultra-filtration with ceramic membranes for continuous treatment of degreasing bath

Filter-press with automatic plate transport

Filter-press with semi-automatic emptying system; automatic plate transport

Waste water pump installation

Low speed mixer

Slow-running mixer with double bearing gearbox.

PP pipe-work

PP piping, double walled tubing and electrical cabling in a water treatment plant.

Stainless steel sedimentation tank

Stainless steel decantation tank with vertical flow-through